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The Space Between

The Space Between

The Space Between is part of USA Network’s Characters Unite public service campaign dedicated to combating prejudice, discrimination and intolerance while promoting understanding and acceptance.

Lonely flight attendant Montine McLeod (Academy Award-winner® Melissa Leo) and Omar Hassan (Anthony Keyvan), a 10-year-old Pakistani-American boy traveling alone, are on a plane that is grounded in Longview, Texas on the morning of 9/11/01. When Montine learns the boy’s father works in the World Trade Center, she decides to drive the boy home to his uncertain future in New York City.

As they journey across America’s vast heartland in the hours and days immediately following the terrorist attacks, Montine and Omar help each other discover the importance of tolerance, redemption and hope.

The Space Between was produced, written and directed by Travis Fine.


The Space Between uses the story of Montine and Omar as a way to explore much larger issues of intolerance, prejudice and discrimination. We see Omar repeatedly being treated differently because of his ethnicity and religion at various points throughout the film. Some of the specific issues raised include:

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